My practice deals with the relationships between Form and Matter in Space. The generation of the form derives from the line, it is later materialized and its interaction with the surrounding space becomes the core of my practice. 

I use this mark as both the foundation and the tool. My interpretation of this line goes beyond the drawing. It is what defines the form, what limits the matter, it is the surface that creates a spatial division and the bridge between form and matter. The stroke, full of character and meaning, activates spaces pulling the conceptual forms into absolute matter. My interest lies in forming a harmonic and composed process, arriving at an aesthetic expression.


I work on mixed media paintings and drawings, colourless collages and sculptures. I establish a back and forth system, where everything is spatially thought out and interlinked. The process is as if it was a laboratory, and becomes part of the art itself. I define shapes through drawings, paintings and collages aiming to control and shape the procedure. I then form sculptural pieces in order to control tangible matter. The materiality brings a new and captivating interest which informs the practice.

My work thrives upon the spaces I activate with the pieces I produce. It is meticulously curated in order to inform and relate to the space where they are placed. The emplacement experiments are then the epitome of the process. The process launched by that stroke ends in this sort of “spacegraphy”.