My practice deals with the relationships between Form and Matter in Space. The generation of the forms get materialized and placed together until there is an activated relationship between them and the space were they are placed.

The practice is very process driven. I wish to be surprised and find the unexpected. I establish a back and forth system, where everything is spatially thought out and interlinked. I define shapes through paintings and drawings aiming to frame and shape the procedure. I then form sculptural pieces with mainly plaster, steel, neoprenes, plastics with shots of colour and reflective panels. Last, I compose structures with those pieces until they are in a dialogue with the place where they get connected in order to inform and relate to the space where they are placed.

I form structures in constant dialogue in terms of shape, colour and materiality in order to generate an spatial experience, proportions working in a way that provoke a sensorial trip through space. I want the pause and staticity, the expanded time of a mindful action of observation. The condition of being static influenced by perception. I pursue this kind of reflectiveness that generates silence. Words are not necessary, we need to see, to be fully present, sensuously, to feel this spatial experience.


Please contact for commissions. Shipment is made worldwide. The time frame for deliveries is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. 

Each work is a 10 unit - project. Each of them original and responding to the project idea. This criteria is not applicable to all works, figurative drawing based works are unique.